secondary art

Supplemental color materials

Each are has lessons that require some color images. These are compiled on easy to download and print pdf's. The samples of art are images taken from sites that offer free access for personal or classroom use. They are not a part of the printed book because of final press print quality. They print great from a color laser or inkjet printer. Images are large and are meant to be seen big, so it is recommended to print the art on transparencies or some other form to be projected large for students to view. Print what you need when you need it!

For online viewing, click here.

Individual Artists:
Ansel Adams (3.9mb)
John James Audubon (5.5mb)
Georges Braque (2.9mb)
Paul Cézanne (7.4mb)
Christo (2mb)
Salvador Dalí (4.3mb)
Edgar Degas (4.2mb)
André Derain (4.3mb)
Albrecht Dürer (2.9mb)
Paul Gauguin (5.6mb)
Vincent van Gogh (10.5mb)
Francisco de Goya (4.5mb)
Frida Kahlo (4.1mb)
Jasper Johns (7.3mb)
Leonardo da Vinci (6.9mb)
René Magritte (4.2mb)
Édouard Manet (5.1mb)
Henri Matisse (3.9mb)
Claude Monet (6.2mb)

Edvard Munch (3.6mb)
Pablo Picasso (5.8mb)
Jackson Pollock (2.5mb)
Mark Rothko (1.5mb)
Georges Seurat (8.4mb)
Robert Smithson (4.7mb)
William Henry Fox Talbot (6mb)
Andy Warhol (6.4mb)
Mosaics (4.2mb)
Minoan art (5.1mb)
Handcolored photographs (1.7mb)
Animal images (7.9mb)
Animal images color (9.5mb)
Animal images - final lesson (17mb)
Bird images (4.8mb)
Bridge images (37.3mb)

Grouped Artists:
Drawing (9.2mb)
Realism (9.4mb)
Impressionism (14.3mb)
Post Impressionism (30.1mb)
Fauvism (7.6mb)
Cubism (8.2mb)
Surrealism (11.4mb)
Contemporary Art (3.4mb)
Pop Art (13mb)
Earth Art (6mb)
Photographers (9.3mb)